Two new Products- Magnetic Repair Patch & Conveyor pulley Cradle


PHC Groups Storage/Transport Pulley Cradles are an innovative solution for all Conveyor Pulleys requiring transportation and storage to eliminate bearing brinelling, ease of lifting and Safe Storage Methods.

PHC Pulley Cradles can be customized to suit all onsite requirements.


    PHC Magnetic Repair Patch – Spill Control are an innovative solution to control spillage from holed out infrastructure such as Silos, Transfer Chutes, and bins.            

PHC Magnetic Repair Patch (MRP) can be manufactured and customized to suit all onsite requirements.             

  MRP consists of hot vulcanized rubber with rare earth magnets position within for maximum performance, durability, also includes 2 handle configuration for ease of handling.

Simply placed over the hole to prevent further spillage.            

Available in Natural and FRAS Rubber. Patent Pending


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